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An epic adventure has come to an end. After months of discussion, the three of us have decided to say good bye to the Eatery and close it down. With challenges beyond the pandemic, the pandemic sealed the decision.

The Eatery was open just shy of seven years. Closing is surreal. And sad. And also a really, really good thing for us.

Our intention from the earliest conversation, was to create a place for the village of Williamsville - our home since 1987. We were inspired by the principles and ethics of the international Slow Food Movement.

We cooked with care and love because we were so often cooking for friends and neighbors. We picked up food from farms and farmers we call friends. It was important to us to support these folks. And you supported them by supporting us. It is empowering to be connected to the food we eat in an age of industrialized food systems and disconnection to the natural world.

Serving felt more like a party than work. And each year the party grew. Food and drink were the great common denominators, paired with a building established to provide for the community, and that did so for almost two hundred years. We got to be a part of that.

It was a unique place of gathering that again and again seemed to magnetically attract such an abundance of kind souls and good energy. Strangers became regulars, guests became friends, and many of those we worked with are close, like family.

Over the years, we witnessed the full expression of human life - marriages, births, birthdays and anniversaries, illnesses and recoveries, as well as loss - the passing of beloved guests. And though it's an end of an era for the Williamsville Eatery, Williamsville is still our home that we value so dearly, so we'll be around.

Thank you for your piece in creating the beautiful mosaic of Eatery memories.

Dylan, Glenn, & Lauri

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Williamsville Eatery

P. S. Please know we will honor any outstanding gift certificates. Please mail them back to us at
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